This collection of eyeglasses signed by the sicilian designer Piero Massaro is a real tribute to spring, of which the acetates of temples evoke the color and freshness: the temples in acetate and the front frame in alpaca.

The shape of the temples has a striking similarity to the shaver used by barbers in Sicily a long time ago, to be exact to the “Sicilian rasolino” which takes its origin from the “rasul”, the razor of barbers of Syracuse, the birthplace of Mr Massaro himself. A form that has a perfect cut for people who want news, after those of the eyeglasses with paperboard, with murrine and wood / aluminum.
The colors of the acetates, transparent and opaque tumbled as eyeglasses of antan, range from apple green to salmon pink, from light yellow to cobalt, and let us see the colored soul like in the alpaca front frame.
Bicolor or tricolor, the fronts are hand painted one by one, in a game of bright colors that overlap each other in more restrained tones, highlight the shapes, small and delicate. They range from bright green on brown to orange eggplant on navy blue, from red to blue on purple on dark brown.
In addition, special hinges allow the interchangeability of the temples thanks to the locking screw threaded through, allowing the end user full customization.
There are six models, all for sight and all nylor. There are also six color varieties for each model.
A numbered limited edition, entirely made in Italy.