La Vucciria

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And so.... “amunì a taliarla sta Vucciria!”

We are in Palermo, taking in the colours and scents of its historic street market, where folklore and tradition are as strong as ever, and where the soft chatter of people flocking here can be heard over the loud shouts of vendors among the colourful stalls. This is Vucciria, a lively bustle that is hard to resist; in his wonderful painting, Guttuso was able to perfectly capture the soul of this beautiful place. With this new collection, Piero Massaro gives us his take on Vucciria, a place he holds dear in his heart, since he used to go there with his grandmother as a child: a place which, for him, is always synonymous with summer, and this can be seen in the vibrant colours of this collection of sunglasses, called “Vucciria” of course, available in several hues including red, green, blue and yellow. A host of fresh bright colours, mixed together in an unexpected way, embellish and decorate innovative glass shapes, but also classic shapes, which are modernised thanks to unusual colour combinations.