This new collection by designer Piero Massaro is inspired by the Mediterranean, the sea facing the land of his birth, Sicily; the sea: a perennial element in his creations.

Fascinated by the sea floor and by the rich fauna populating it, the designer has striven to develop his new collection by evoking the movement and colors of that extraordinary ecosystem, the Mediterranean. The dark stripes crossing colored acetates resemble clouds of little fish; on the front part of the frames, sea anemones and solitary corals suddenly seem to appear on the small, contrasting colored insertions. The polished, wavy strip furrowing the stems recalls the surging waters.

The fish motif also appears in the showcase sculptures created by Matteo Martignon, a Venetian artist and craftsman whose art reflects nature. The collaboration between Martignon and Massaro has given rise to a unique showcase element: the fish, made of wood and recycled material, are given new life. Just like the eyewear they advertise, they are unique pieces, produced in a strictly limited number.

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