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A lifetime devoted to architecture plus a passion for mathematics… these are the foundations of designer Piero Massaro’s new collection, leading to a tenacious quest for proportions and balances which in his works explore and create harmony, the mysterious focus of his constant research.

The foundations of proportions and balances are of course numbers, which explains why this collection is called “Numerica” where numbers become a distinctive graphic feature, an integral part of the appearance of the glasses, scattered here and there, in the fronts, the bridges and the temples. These motifs are never randomly placed: they are always the result of a precise overall design which also includes suggestive visual effects created by a 45-degree milling process on the frames of each model.

Massaro’s style continues to evolve, but even in its most adventurous forms it is always rooted in a recognisable continuity. The entire collection constantly explores the boundaries of the harmony and elegance to which the designer has accustomed us.

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