Who does not remember the divine Callas with her large eyeglasses, behind which she hides a proud and haughty mysterious look?

Inspired by this timeless style icon, Piero Massaro has made this 70s collection, reinventing retro forms and giving them an unmistakable mark in which the rounded lines of the front, acetates and quiet colors blend well with the bright colors of the end pieces.

With the versatility of style that is his own, Piero Massaro has not only proposes again vintage glasses, but has given them his idea of design, endless experimentation, characterized by the exclusivity of the whole Italian handcraft that is combined with the high quality of the materials used and his care of the fine finishes.

Beside the collection of eyeglasses, the designer also offers a new collection of accessories: bags, belts, wallets, organizers, key rings and rings; each accessory leads back to the glasses through the elegant details, the buckles or the buttons, made with the same cellulose acetate used for eyeglasses.

A new concept, then, of the use of this material that until a short time ago was used exclusively for the creation of glasses. Started in 2008, with the creation of the first cellulose acetate watch in the world, the innovation replies with the new “plateau” ring, the result of an overlapping of acetates milled and finished by hand.

These new projects were developed and carried out thanks to a few bold but valid companies and craftsmen who wanted and were able to follow with patience and passion the projects of the designer who willfully wants to offer products of the highest craftsmanship which gives only the brand of “hand made in Italy”.