The word, cachemire, evokes softness and mellowness like no other. And Indeed it is so soft and mellow, this collection of eyeglasses, “Cachemire” with its unmistakable warp represented in the plates used.

Eyeglasses with soft and velvet tones, with pearl buttons on the temples, sewn by hand with silk thread. Extremely light and soft to the touch.

For the first time, the collection comes out together with a range of accessories which are complementary to the eyeglasses: the designer, indeed, has also created a collection of bags and belts to sign the same subject, “cachemire”, each of which is characterized by details in cellulose acetate, the same material of the glasses. The precious leathers, caressing as cashmere, are of top quality, they are of italian origin, tanning and manufacturing.

Finally, Piero Massaro, who loves watches, wanted to engage in a new sector of watches, projecting and creating a wristwatch, still in cellulose acetate, with Greek numbering (alphabetical), never used before in this sector, in which design and craftsmanship blend perfectly.

Unique, this watch is the result of a long and difficult project as anything of value and value: the box was made entirely by hand and made from a single block of rhodoïd, that is the reason why, despite the significant size, it has a surprising lightness.

The watch was then assembled and finished by the skilled hands of a master watchmaker who, in his workshop, even created the necessary tools to assemble it.

Even the presentation box, woodmade, is covered with cellulose acetate.