Spacing between the many color variations of the acetate crystal, Piero Massaro has created a glasses collection of kaleidoscopic transparencies whose persuasive power of evocation certainly refers to his native Sicily, vital and essential element of his creations, to his cool “granite”, to his colored citrus fruit, to his white salt flats.

By overlapping also the full-color acetates, in a very attractive tangle of color-no color, Piero Massaro gives birth to a sort of arabesque in constant movement, supplied also by the nuances of the temples and by the outlines of the front, real stylistic peculiarities of this passionate designer.

Some forms are very curious, such as the researched wing of yesteryear, or those more ironic, circled with bright colors on a transparent base.

In two of his new models Piero Massaro proposes a new idea of nylor, replacing the invisible nylon wire with a thin steel wire colored in contrast with the tones of the acetate, in order to make the glasses even more resistant, as well as more sophisticated.

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