Come out in mid-winter, but bringing the summer glows, this collection strikes us especially for this strong contrast, which is the real hallmark of the designer, always aimed at finding a balance between opposing and only apparently irreconcilable concepts.

And the “Gaudì” collection seems to be, more than the previous ones, the realization of this concept: the endless play of colors, moderate and never cheeky, creep in quiet, sometimes classical, forms but with little details that make it original. On the contrary, the more sober colors, made more attractive by multiple millings, are used in newer , but never showy, forms.

In the new and pleasing effect the sandblasted and matt acetate gives, sometimes intersected by some small parts polished by hand, we find another opposites meeting in a perfect harmony. This counterpoint of shapes and colors leads a truly original collection that among the many colors, stands out the turquoise, an hazy color, between green and blue, that evokes tropical seas and that together with the lilac is the leading color of the new collection of leather goods.

The edition, limited to only a hundred pieces per model and color, is as always numbered.

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