“Cubika” is the result of a project in which geometry and its shapes fully enter a glasses collection, the one of the designer Piero Massaro.

With experimental audacity, the designer succeeded in making this matter the thread running through his new collection, creating some frames whose shapes and colours play with each other: the temples of some models sport four small rotating cubes in cellulose acetate and the different colours of the four visible faces can be arranged and disarranged just like in a game, leaving to the one wearing these glasses the freedom and the taste to change the chromatic scheme to obtain different effects every time. An easy game, a little trick behind which a meticulous and technical research work lies hidden, supported by countless tests and attempts before getting to the final result. Moreover, colour geometry in the fine lines of the acetate tops glued between thicker layers that chase each other, from the front to the temples and from the temples to the front, in another different play of shapes and colours. To emphasize geometries, the fronts have quiet shapes, from round to butterfly, from square to rectangular. Eventually, bayonet hinges and numbered limited edition according to custom, complete the precious collection.