A new, amazing proposal from designer Piero Massaro for this collection that somehow takes him back to his roots: the clothing.

Being conceived as a complete outfit, each model sports its pieces as if they were items and accessories: the colours of a temple match the ones of the front body which, in turn, match the other temple’s colours. A unique “Défilé”, a fashion parade that captivates by the creations of fresh, original styles and induces to have a try at coupling those styles and colours, to come up with the peculiar combination fitting one’s own style. The collection, besides five prescription glasses of five different colours each , is made up of two sunglasses models equipped with Barberini optical glass lenses. A collection that will be able to be appreciated for the fine, never-failing details and, as usual, the valuable manufacture. After the appreciation by the international jury of Silmo d’Or that awarded him with its Special Prize last year , Piero Massaro therefore delivers a collection that is up to the newly obtained, prestigious recognition.