Fusioni Ottiche

If the previous collection of Piero Massaro was simply inspired by the works of Wilmer Herrison, the new one is totally pervaded with it: in fact, the “Optics Fusions” of the young Venezuelan artist, creator of an original painting technique, are faithfully reproduced in the acetate of glasses, with a really surprising and striking result.

His technique is very personal, based on the juxtaposition of color touches that are not mingled on the surface and on the optical fusion, thus creating a depth and movement effect.

The gaze cannot help but go into the three-dimensional space suggested by the lines and colors that compose the acetates, as if to look for a hidden meaning, for a form in another form. Just like a work of art.

Wearing glasses carrying Art around, here is the new frontier which gives impetus to a product that, at least for the Sicilian designer, doesn’t want to be just business any more.

So there is also a fusion between two different forms of expression that find their common denominator in Art and in the colour use. The spark between Massaro and Herrison flied in Venice, a city where the Venezuelan artist, who has his home-studio both in Venice and in Paris, was the protagonist of many exhibitions, one of which was precisely dedicated to “Serenissima” (as Venice is also called).

To give further value to the collection, the innovative bayonet hinge, protected by patent, allows to graft the temples on to the front with a simple gesture.

Finally, the optical lenses, mounted on the sunglasses, are produced by Barberini, that is a leader in the eyewear industry.

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