The designer Piero Massaro’s meeting with the venezuelan artist Wilmer Herrison (which had an interesting deepening at the library Mondadori in Venice, with the appointment “Thoughts about the color”) was not only an exchange opportunity but it also left a tangible sign inside him: in fact, in this eyeglasses collection, the colors are obviously inspired by the paintings of the artist .

The shiny transparencies of some acetates clearly refer to the “Little Venice” of Wilmer, the whites and the blacks of cinematographic memory to its “Laguna “, as well as the greens and yellows refer to the natural elements found in many Pachamama’s paintings.

With a new query language, Piero Massaro has created a collection of forms with rich tones, overlapping colored or evanescent layers of acetate, using colored crystals coated with a thin sheet of acetate. The many and accurate shades on the outlines and on the temples, which are the real hallmark of this designer, give also to the most original shapes a more persuasive line.

Highly aesthetically refined , almost like a delicate brush stroke, even the sober mustaches on the front frame of some models, including the attractive butterfly and the timeless round shape. The only measured quirk of the designer in this collection is the odd mustache of a couple of models one of which is nylor: a boldness without excess that easily wins even the most sober personality, thanks to the delicacy of the detail.