To inspire Piero Massaro in this new glasses’ collection is “A journey along the coffee trail”, a sequence of pictures taken by US photographer Steve McCurry , widely known for the iconic, award-winning portrait of the expressive Afghan Girl.

A photographic exhibition covering thirty years of shots he took in several world countries as Brasil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Perù, Vietnam, Yemen etc, with a unique common denominator : Coffee.

Those photos, through faces and landscapes, tell stories full of suggestions with strength and emotion.

The catching elements are brightness, intensity and vividness of colours: the designer meant to reintroduce them into the glasses, with the intention of conveying as much strong emotions; “lungoleviedelcaffé” , is the name of his newest collection, inspired by the pictures of that very exhibition.

A tireless research work and countless tests to obtain accurate visual effects even on the glasses: overlapping acetates’ colours, alternating different thicknesses, are never left to chance by the designer ; instead, they are the result of a painstaking accuracy where “the details are not the details. They make the design.” , as Eames said.

As usual, this is a limited edition.

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