For his new eyes wear collection “Mosaic”, Piero Massaro, deeply connected to his origins, has drawn inspiration from his native Sicily.

More specifically he’s been inspired by the Duomo of Monreale, where some beautifull Byzantine mosaics are to be found  and also by  Piazza Armerina, the city of mosaics par excellence. It’s as if Piero Massaro wants to test  himself against the expressive uniqueness of the ancient technique of Mosaic: using acetate instead of glass or stones.

The collection was conceived and carried out as a display of six different patterns where simplicity is combined with craftsmanship virtuosity; this is made clear by the skilled work by which the small prisms of acetate have been inserted in the but-strap and in the bridge of two models; the small prisms are like the tiles of an intriguing Mosaic, they are complementary to each other and all contribute to the final result.

Inserts of vivacious colours, such as red and navy blue, contrast with the soft and autumn like colours of the front parts, and all the shades are blended in with mastery, turning into touches of real charm.

In addition, the interchangeable trait of the temples, thanks to bayonet like hinges, which have been used for years by Piero Massaro in his collections, allow further colour matching and create new unexpected Mosaic effects.

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