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The textured “Pixel” styles of the new Piero Massaro
collection have arrived like a handful of unusual confetti! 

Little fragments of acetate in mouth-watering, scented colours like orange and cinnamon, aniseed and coffee, or strawberry and raspberry, arranged elegantly on chunky eyewear.
And then, like colorful streamers, mismatched temples in bright, vibrant colours burst on to the scene, in total, bold contrast to the Havana brown front pieces, almost as if to soften the typically staunch look of these classic acetates.
Eyewear that winks cheerfully on the face of the wearer: an invitation to tackle life with a smile and make the most of every single fleeting moment.
So, an absolute must-have for the times we’re living in!
Never excessive or extravagant, the designer’s style stand out, as always, for its clever balances which, even in the boldest new style details, make for appealing, alluring eyewear.