In keeping with Piero Massaro’s insatiably curious, experimental approach, this new collection offers us a series of thrills that derive from his travels, both actual and imaginary.

His painstaking selection of the most electrifying details of the landscapes encountered along the way have been grafted onto the acetates of the eyewear, which – almost by magic – thus become captivating mementos of life’s journey. Or windows through which to watch the world roll by, or to dream of pastures new.

Captured within each model is that precise, perfect instant in which the light brings out the very best in the colours, nuances and contrasts.

In this magnificently creative collection, nothing is left to chance: using acetate inserts cut out with incredibly precise angles and then inserted into the nose pads and end pieces, Piero Massaro is able to obtain those distinctive visual effects that are the hallmark of his collections, stirring the emotions of the wearer.

In flight from the drab, uninspiring landscape spreading out around us, and moved by an unquenchable thirst for beauty, this time Piero Massaro whisks us away towards exotic lands, on an amazing journey that also explores the silk routes, offering a delightful counterpoint to his eyewear collection with a small sister collection of twillies and pouches in fine-quality silk, hemmed by hand and produced exclusively by Mantero Seta of Como.

A journey destined to surprise you time after time…